Bringing IV Vitamin Therapy Services to You!

BFLO Hydration can provide concierge IV therapy services on-site to your home, work, hotel, or special event!

We schedule based on RN availability with consideration to distance and time required. All concierge services are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Note, packages must be used in-office and cannot be used for concierge services.

Our travel fee is based on distance and time and ranges from $69-$199.

Consider our mobile concierge IV therapy for:

Mobile IV health and hydration services aren’t just for when you’re too busy to make it out to the wellness center. Consider getting our mobile services…

  • To offer them at your upcoming work event
  • To make your next girls’ or guys’ night in healthy and fun
  • To boost immunity and provide an overall feeling of wellness to your entire family

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