NAD+ Slow Infusion

Optimal levels of NAD+ have been shown to be beneficial in addressing and preventing many different chronic and age-related diseases.

Because of the drastic changes that NAD+ infusions produce, the rate of infusion often needs to be slowed dramatically. When this happens, we guarantee either a 2 hour or 4 hour infusion. We recommend a minimum of 3 consecutive infusions for optimal results.

Some of the benefits of NAD+ IV Slow Infusions:⁣

  • Improves mental clarity⁣
  • Boosts memory⁣
  • Improves mood⁣
  • Facilitates brain regeneration ⁣
  • Increases focus and concentration ⁣
  • Reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression ⁣
  • Provides anti-aging effects⁣
  • Muscle protection and recovery ⁣
  • DNA repair⁣
  • Promotes weight loss⁣
  • Reduces withdrawal symptoms in addiction recovery⁣
  • Increases energy⁣

BFLO Hydration now offers NAD+ in a slow infusion (over 2-4 hours) at our Hertel Ave location! ⁣
⁣*This product requires a special order, and therefore NAD+ Slow Infusions MUST be pre-booked & prepaid at least one week in advance. ⁣

Common side effects with NAD:

  • Flushing
  • Chills
  • Stomach pain
  • Heaviness in chest

These side effects can be well managed with oral and injectable medications throughout your infusion. We also adjust the rate of your drip on an individual basis to help manage these symptoms.

*The Fine Print*

All prices are subject to change

Cannot combine discounts or transfer to family/friends

Packages must be prepaid after first IV. Consecutive IV’s will be deducted from your credit

IV’s must be of equal or lesser value (can include add-ons for an additional charge)

Does not apply to event/house call services