NAD+ Slow Infusion

Optimal levels of NAD+ have been shown to be beneficial in addressing and preventing many different chronic and age-related diseases.

Because of the drastic changes that NAD+ infusions produce, the rate of infusion often needs to be slowed dramatically. When this happens, we guarantee either a 2 hour or 4 hour infusion. We recommend a minimum of 3 consecutive infusions for optimal results.

Some of the benefits of NAD+ IV Slow Infusions:⁣

  • Improves mental clarity⁣
  • Boosts memory⁣
  • Improves mood⁣
  • Facilitates brain regeneration ⁣
  • Increases focus and concentration ⁣
  • Reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression ⁣
  • Provides anti-aging effects⁣
  • Muscle protection and recovery ⁣
  • DNA repair⁣
  • Promotes weight loss⁣
  • Reduces withdrawal symptoms in addiction recovery⁣
  • Increases energy⁣

BFLO Hydration now offers NAD+ in a slow infusion (over 2-4 hours) at our Hertel Ave location! ⁣
⁣*This product requires a special order, and therefore NAD+ Slow Infusions MUST be pre-booked & prepaid at least one week in advance. ⁣

*The Fine Print*

All prices are subject to change

Cannot combine discounts or transfer to family/friends

Packages must be prepaid after first IV. Consecutive IV’s will be deducted from your credit

IV’s must be of equal or lesser value (can include add-ons for an additional charge)

Does not apply to event/house call services