High Dose Vitamin C

THE YOUNGMANN -Description: There is a great deal of research to support IV Vitamin C therapy. It is essential to life, and yet our bodies cannot produce it. Vitamin C has the ability to both neutralize and eliminate a wide variety of toxins. IVC can help relieve the signs and symptoms of a variety of chronic diseases, such as Lyme Disease, Arthritis, bacterial and viral infections, and many more. It can lessen pain after injury, improve energy/fatigue, and help the body to heal faster. High doses of Vitamin C can also decrease heart attack risk, and combat the effects of smoking.

2. Research has shown that when given IVC therapy, cancer patients have shown a reduction in their chemotherapy and radiation symptoms and pain levels, and it has helped them to better tolerate treatment. IVC is considered complementary to traditional cancer treatments, and therefore patients can continue to have it in addition to their traditional treatments if they so choose. It can also be helpful in improving appetite, which helps people to stay active during treatment.

3.BFLO Hydration offers a max dose of 15g of IVC unless we have a normal G6PD result on file. If you are interested in higher doses, this quick lab test can be ordered by your treating Physician, or through our office.