Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

1. Description: A powerful antioxidant that is also water soluble and must be found in food sources and supplementation since it is not synthesized on its own. Vitamin C plays a primary role in the formation of collage, which helps grow and repair body-tissue cells, blood vessels, bones, and teeth. It is also used up rapidly in stressful situations.

2. Benefits: Vitamin C can heal wounds, burns, and bleeding gums. It is known to increase effectiveness of medications for a UTI, accelerates healing after surgery, and can aid in preventing and healing many viral and bacterial infections. Essentially, it is used to help enhance your immune system. It can also help with decreasing blood cholesterol. Ascorbic acid has been used to offer protection against cancer, as well as counteract the formation of nitrosamines, (cancer-causing substances). Vitamin C is also a natural blood thinner, therefore, can lower the incidence of blood clots. This vitamin also helps lower both, systolic, and diastolic blood pressure.

3. Fun Fact: If you have ever been diagnosed with anemia and are taking iron, you need to also take vitamin C. Without it, there is little to no absorption of inorganic iron. If you take a chewable version of Vitamin C, make sure to brush your teeth afterwards. Leaving ascorbic acid on your teeth can ruin your enamel.