IV Therapy for Women’s Health

BFLO Hydration has many options to help improve women’s health, offering iv and vitamin therapy.

Traditionally, exercise, healthy eating, and reduced stress are all ways to improve your health. For women, it can be more complicated. If one system is not functioning correctly, compensation tends to occur. An example analogy would be drinking more coffee after a night of poor sleep in order to maintain energy.

Women’s body’s function on a different schedule than men. Rather than the 24-hour cycle that men experience, women function over a 28 day period with regard to hormones. The female hormonal cycle is more likely to affect women physically with symptoms. These symptoms can definitely be exacerbated or intensified by other lifestyle factors and habits. Stressful circumstances, physical activity, diet, and quality of sleep will all play significant roles while the body goes through a normal four-week cycle.

Luckily, BFLO Hydration has many options to help improve women’s health. Our ingredients can assist in improving hormones, hydration, energy levels, and regulation of sleep cycles, as well as help to eliminate cortisol levels, which are known to slow things down. We can help women compensate with natural vitamins to assist the body in finding a sustainable and healthy rhythm.

It is important to us that all women look and feel their best. We believe that starts from the inside-out. Take a step toward a better version of yourself today and book a vitamin therapy injection or IV session geared specifically toward improving women’s health and wellness. Future you will thank you!

Vitamin Therapy For Women’s Health

At BFLO Hydration we offer a variety of vitamin therapies to boost your health. Magnesium, Zinc, B6, B12, and Vitamin D are vitamins that play an important role in women’s health. These ingredients can help with fertility, regulation of estrogen and progesterone, decreasing stress and anxiety, as well as assist in regulating a REM sleep cycle.

Glutathione can help to improve the production of collagen in our bodies, which in turn helps with mobility.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can help improve scarring of skin, as well as improve treatments for common issues such as yeast infections and UTI’s.

If there has been enough stress in your life to impact the texture of hair or hair growth, biotin injections have been proven to help with growth and consistency of hair, nails, and skin.

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Women, please do not go through life with symptoms that you have adopted as “normal.” Let BFLO Hydration help you feel and look your best!

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